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honesty to oneself

Being completely honest to myself about the difficult things is extremely painful. Once I start being honest about those difficult things, it makes me unhappy and lose a lot of sleep. I hope overcoming it and working towards those things may help in the long run.

sybil attacks / proof of personhood / ubi

These should be connected, but no one imo is doing it right. Proof of personhood doesn’t and shouldn’t be proof of unique personhood. The system should support people to move from identity to identity in a relatively anonymous way and having multiple identities for different uses should definitely be supported.

community building / operations

The skill needed to sucessfully run a community, from its day to day logistics to maintaining high per member engagement rate, is extremely underrated and extremely needed in the future world. It is also extremely difficult to become very skilled at this since the only way to learn and improve is by running an actual community.

design vs engineering

There is this constant tug of war between designers and engineers, fighting about the priority/importance of things during the process of building. The reality is that the goal, usually people/user oriented, has the utmost importance, whereas everything else helps the team to build/optimize towards that direction. 


Life is a spiral, a cycle of reaching some form of enlightenment through what feels like an eternity of struggle, pain, and confusion. We experience that brief moment of euphoria only to feel like a beginner all over again, taking on grander pursuits and challenges. This can be said about the progression of humanity just as it can be said about personal growth.