My Dream Theory (Inspired by Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture)

My friends laugh at this when I tell them this, but I believe a person is shaped by their dreams.
Dreams can be big dreams like changing the world or find the love of your life, or it can be small
dreams like learning to cook a dish or  skydiving. I see these dreams as stars/planets in the night
sky for me to discover (fulfill) in my observatory. 


* (-) equals discovered!

own a f1 / nba team

make positive impact with the dark arts (technology)

build a democratized education system that focuses on passion/empathy/curiosity


* (-) equals discovered!

build my own jarvis (-)

run a sub 20 minutes 5k (-)

roof hooping like a ninja (-)

live on the street for a night (-)

own a noguchi akari light sculpture (-)

live in a traditional beijing courtyard (-)

have a campsite/tent in my living room (-)

fly an airplane

fly a hot air ballon

drive a formula 1 car

visit Seb’s F1 garage

design my own house

live in a tibetan buddhism temple

dunk on a regular sized basketball hoop