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I’m looking for a project I would be really proud to fully commit to in the next chapter of my life. 

I currently consider myself as a speculative archeologist of the future[1] with backgrounds in computer science, design, and community building. I’m currently interested in technological applications that can fundamentally reshape societal constructs in a positive way. I am looking to experiment with community emergence / automated governance, learn more about topics in computer systems / applied cryptography, and explore with 3D modeling / animation. My ultimate goal in life is to build a time proof and democratized education system that focuses on passion / empathy / curiosity. 

Projects and communities I’m currently involved with:
01.    yuan
02.   hellsegga
03.   interact
04.   hacklodge

Experiences that have significantly impacted me (most recent to least recent):
01.    founded a 50 people community of young ethnically Chinese technologists studying in NA/EU ︎
02.   running a 20 mins 5k / 11 years of ice-hockey (3 - 14) / basketball and formula 1
03.   brief stint at Morphing Matter Lab and OH! Lab to experience academic research
04.   participating and winning the world championship for ROBOCUP Junior Soccer Open League ︎
05.   playing as the 1st trumpet in Canada’s oldest youth marching band ︎
06.   co-founding a stem education program for under-privileged communities ︎
07.   taking two semester of college level literature course (out of interest) in high school

[1] Future speculative archeology, a term inspired by Liam Young and Tsuyoshi Tane, is defined as the act of excavating opportunities for profound impact made possible through technological advancement from a futuristic perspective.