Every person / event in this world is a three-dimensional entity, constructed by an infinite
layer of two-dimensional planes. As time elapses, we can only extrapolate and collect a
finite amount of elements that represent the instances of the world. Therefore, as I gaze
into the mirror of selfhood, I try to unearth my identities and distill them into personas
that threads into the person I am.

the optimist

This part of me is extremely naive. He believes in the good of people, in that the world
will be better, in the fact that he will achieve what he strives for no matter the situation he
is in. This is a part of me I would never want to lose, he makes me believe and achieve
things I otherwise wouldn’t dream of.

the chinese and the canadian

I’ve struggled with my identity all my life (if you were to ask me where I’m from now, I would
tell you I am a Canadian from Beijing, China). I feel a strong tie to my Chinese root while still
embracing my Canadian identity. I see myself different from most Chinese-Canadians or
Americans and also Chinese living in North America as half of me is purely Chinese while
the other half is purely Canadian with only a little bit of intersection.

the speculative archeologist of the future

A term inspired by Liam Young and Tsuyoshi Tane, is defined as the act of excavating
opportunities for profound impact made possible through technological advancement
from a futuristic perspective.

the solo alpinist

Mostly used to describe when the best climbers climb a mountain without protection, I see
it as something more than just that. Inspired by Marc-Andre Leclerc, I see it as the purest
form of pushing the human limit in doing something one absolutely obsesses with. I think it
is the very definition of achieving freedom and inner peace while riding on the fine line 
between in and out of control.