a documentation of my homeplanet

motivation / overview:

I’ve always wanted to become an architect of some sort, because I find the idea of designing a physical entity that acts as a vessel for people and their stories in both an expressive and practical way to be extremely fascinating. Therefore, I’ve always dreamt of building my own house in both a literal and metaphorical sense. I will use this page to document the changes in my physical and digital home.


︎Akari Model Light Sculpture 7AD
︎Green Chairs
︎Snowpeak Tent
︎Uyghur Handknit Camel Hair Rug
︎Wooden Studio Table



I call this place boboland, it is a dimension designed by bobo (my alter ego) that defies spacetime. bobo is a meta-architect and dimensional pilot, so the following document serves the purpose of recording how boboland comes to be and changes in relation to time.

Genesis Formation︎
I initially had the idea of building my website based on an interactive 3D scan of my head. The different parts / angles of my head would allow users to see the different sides of me. However, I soon realized it is quite unfeasible to build the model and make it run smoothly on everyone’s computer. Therefore, I resorted to naming the different parts of my website after different architectural design/building that resembles the purpose of that page.

The pages as you can see came to me quite naturally, but the content within each page took a long time to fill / format (mainly due to the fact that I’m not a good writer).  After talking to Raelin about my website, I realized that this is a relatively unorthodox personal website. Therefore, I added more guidance that can help vistiors to better navigate the space. 

As the framework and content are finalized, I can say the first version of boboland is built! 

Thank you for reading,